The values that drive the group are: Love, Honesty, Transparency and Competence.

The group is governed by an ethics of men in the service of humanity and of technology in the service of men, so that our values are manifested in all the actions we carry out. It is a spirit, a culture and a way of doing things that creates an appropriate business environment.


This is the translation of the manifest desire of the creator to offer men the gift of life, so that they can benefit from the results of his creative works (water, air, rain, food, nature, wildlife, soil and subsoil, etc.), living in harmony with all other creatures.


Honesty is a virtue that characterizes an honest, virtuous man. It complies with socially recognized and established moral standards, in order to preserve the principle of ethics, the value that helps create a more honest and healthy society.


Transparency is a practice that guarantees stakeholders total reliability in all company operations in accordance with the laws and rules in force. It makes it possible to qualify the economic-socio-financial practice consistent with the ethics of the group, in accordance with the pragmata.


Competence is the result of a combination of knowledge, including know-how and interpersonal skills mobilized to act in an appropriate manner, faced with the professional situation that the group requires. It can be evaluated precisely, thanks to planned objectives. The group provides knowledge in the form of regular training either directly or in cooperation with our partners.