DEZA TECH SARL U is a company of studies, engineering, consulting and civil engineering, working in the fields: electrotechnical, electromechanical, computer science, telecommunications, environment and agriculture.

DEZA TECH SARL U has engineers and civil engineering partners who take care of the design, construction, operation and rehabilitation of construction works and infrastructures that they manage to meet the needs of society, while ensuring public safety and environmental protection. Our achievements are focused on five major areas of intervention: infrastructure, geotechnics, hydraulics, transportation, and the environment.

As its name indicates DEZA TECH SARL U is a limited company founded since 2013. It carries out commercial activities in the industrial field, of consultation, the purchase-sale and the services. This is a new company that has taken over the activities of the DEZA TECH Establishment.

The main activities of DEZA TECH GmbH U consist of studies and achievements in the following areas: training, electrical engineering, photovoltaics, computer engineering, architecture and civil engineering, audit and technical assistance, the supply of Lapp Group cables and the agricultural field . Another activity, particularly important, is the financing of projects.

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