DEZA TECH has its origins in the nineties and its first and only vocation was to contribute to the improvement of domestic and administrative electrical installations.

The first benefits of the establishment were provided to neighbors, friends and as the circle of customers extended to private and small and medium enterprises.

DEZA TECH has changed its legal status by becoming a limited liability company (SARL) since March 15, 2013. The inauguration of DEZA TECH SARL took place on 8.08.2014 in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo.

DEZA TECH SARL U was establish on 31.08.2016 by the General Meeting of the company when four resolutions including the transfer of the shares of one of two partners and the change of the name of DEZA TECH SARL to DEZA TECH SARL U.

DEZA TECH SARL U s.r.o, a Czech Consulting and Investment, was created in September 9th, 2017 under the name of GUTTATIM INVEST s.r.o and was acquired on November 16th, 2018.

The initial investments within DEZA TECH SARL have been made, in order to provide DEZA TECH SARL U with an appropriate facility, to train electrical engineers capable of installing solar panels in the Democratic Republic of Congo, to learn how to use minitractors Global and Cabrio, in short, to be able to provide the products and services required by customers.

The economic situation having not been favorable, DEZA TECH SARL U s.r.o was created, in order to overcome the various obstacles that the company was facing.

In all cases, it was necessary to review the entire strategy of the company which was faced with serious challenges including:

1. the mentality of man;

2. access to capital and credit

3. the reliability of banks and the costs of banking operations

4. corruption,

5. access to energy

6. government regulation

7. market access