DEZA TECH SARL U s.r.o is a Czech consultancy and investment company created in September 2017 under the name of Gutattim Invest s.r.o and acquired by DEZA TECH SARL U on November 6, 2017.

DEZA TECH SARL U s.r.o offers related to projects financing, taking into account all types of project financing, in the short, medium and long term, depending on the client's needs and the requirements of the financial institutions.

DEZA TECH SARL U s.r.o collaborates with financial structures that are interested in capital markets whose main role is to finance the economy.

The increased need of development countries for the fiancing of projects and of investors looking for profitable projects or capital markets are the main factors that have led to the creation of DEZA TECH SARL U s.r.o.