DEZA TECH SARL U GROUP is made up of two companies including DEZA TECH SARL U, s.r.o is a Czech Consulting and investment company created in September 2017 under the name Gutattim Invest s.r.o and acquired by DEZA TECH SARL U GROUP on November 6th, 2017 and DEZA TECH SARL U, a study, engineering, consulting and civil engineering company, working in the fields: electrotechnics, electromechanics, IT, telecommunications, environment, agriculture, etc.

DEZA TECH SARL U GROUP collaborates internationally with several partners, thanks to the RMDTS marketing platform, in order to provide the required solutions in areas of common interest.

Thanks to the RMDTS platform, the group provides training in the application areas that partners need.

This makes it possible to manage a project from its conception, in order to guarantee its financing, its feasibility, its implementation, its operation or rehabilitation, the return on investments and adequate marketing support.

All construction and infrastructure works that they manage are audited and certified in accordance with the rules in force, in order to meet the needs of society, while ensuring public safety and protection of the environment.

As its name indicates, DEZA TECH SARL U is a limited liability company founded in 2013. It carries out commercial activities in the industrial, consulting, purchase-sale and services fields. This is a new company which has taken over the activities of the DEZA TECH Establishment.

For any questions relating to DEZA TECH SARL U GROUP, please contact us via email: serviceclient@dezatech.