Preparatory Courses for University Study

Thank you for choosing Charles University, one of the oldest and most prestigious universities in the world located in the heart of Europe. In today's competitive market, the Czech Republic has proven to be a forceful springboard towards success for academics of all backgrounds while being rated one of the top 10 safest countries in the world.

Our institute, Institute for Language and Preparatory Studies is a direct part of Charles University and prepares students for studies in Czech or English language at universities in the Czech Republic.
Studies in Czech

Applicants who choose to study in Czech, pass the entrance examinations in Czech, present a legalized validation of their final graduation certificate or diploma as well as a list of all subjects they studied, number of hours and results, will study under the same conditions as Czech students and earn free tuition.

All preparatory courses offered by our institute consist of Czech language lessons and professional subjects to prepare students for Czech entrance examinations for a chosen university. Students that go through our programs can apply to any university in the Czech Republic.

The courses prepare applicants mainly for studies at Czech universities in bachelor, master or doctoral programs, increasing chances of success.
Studies in English

Applicants who choose to study in English are obliged to pay a tuition fee, usually per a semester or per an academic year. Prices can be found on websites of the respective universities and faculties. Entrance examinations to English language programs are usually less demanding than the Czech ones.
Please, take a note that the possibilities of English programs are limited and you will need to consult specifics with a particular faculty.

The list of all our preparatory courses can be found below. Simply choose one which matches your interest and fill in the online application under the description of the course and wait to be contacted by one of our study consultants who will assist you further along in the process.
Our courses

Study language
not important
Czech, English
Study type
not important
Bc., Mgr., PhD
Specialism HumanitiesTechnicalEconomicMedicine and natural sciences
I speak russian YesNo

Economics - Bachelors
Prague-Hostivar / Podebrady
Economics – Masters
Prague-Hostivar / Podebrady
Economics - Doctoral
Humanities - Bachelors
Prague-Krystal / Podebrady
Engineering – Masters
Prague-Hostivar / Podebrady / Liberec
Medicine and Science
Marianske Lazne / Liberec
Engineering – Bachelors
Prague-Hostivar / Podebrady / Liberec
Engineering – Doctoral
Economics in English
Medicine in English
Engineering in English
One-year Preparatory Course for Vietnamese Applicants for Czech University Programmes
Special three-semester course for Chinese students
Special preparatory course for students from China and other remote countries
Three-semester Preparatory Course in English